is the web site of Libbe Oosterman. Libbe is an all-round/lead trumpet player / conductor. Roots in Friesland, resides in Drenthe, works in Groningen and surroundings.

Libbe 'Libsky' Oosterman (1975) started playing flugelhorn at age 8. Untill his 18th he played mainly in fanfare orchestras. From his 18th he extended his scope and developed into an all-round / lead trumpet player. He has been involved in classical projects (symphonic and smaller ensembles), jazz (bigband etc.), funk/soul/disco, and latin/salsa/carribean. A few years ago Libbe started conducting, especially bigbands.

Libbe is a much sought after substitute in countless bands, orchestras, and (ad hoc) projects. He has been involved in dozens of studio recordings for CD's or otherwise; with orchestra's, horn sections, and individually.

Current projects

Some of the projects/bands Libbe is currently involved in:

Past projects

Some of the projects/bands Libbe has been involved in (regularly or as a substitute):