Van de website

"Libbe Oosterman (aka Libsky) is CC-Chronicles technical man. He is a computer wizard with an extensive experience in knowledge management, information management and information analysis, specifically applied to customer contact. Libsky is also a talented all round/ lead trumpet player who can hit the seriously high notes just as easy as he can conduct a Bigband. He plays Latin/Caribbean/ Salsa, Jazz, Classical and Funk/Soul/Disco and participates in many recording sessions. During his long working days and nights he manages to very much stay alive on a diet of bananas and muesli bread."

Meer info volgt. Voor nu, zie

Op deze site staat de tool twitter2opml, waarmee van Twitter lijsten, vrienden en volgers een opml bestand kan worden gegenereerd om te importeren in een RSS lezer, zoals Google Reader. U vindt de tool hier: twitter2opml